Welcome to Marigold Town!

Hello! I'm so glad you're here! We haven't quite broken ground yet on the town, but I'd love to tell you what we're all about. I'm Marty, the mayor of Marigold Town. Say that five times fast! Okay, wait, that wasn't actually that hard at all...

Marigold Town is a different kind of free website hosting—part collaborative project, part visual search engine of the personal web. Every website hosted in Marigold Town has a public-facing "storefront" on the hoomepage, featuring a map of Marigold Town.

Not sure what I mean? A website that showcases someone's favorite flowers might be a neighborhood florist in Marigold Town. A webring of game developers with downloadable games might be an arcade. A wiki dedicated to tea could be a teahouse. A fitness blog could be a gym. Of course, a town always needs shops, galleries, cafes, and restaurants... The possibilities are endless! Hoot!

Now you can probably tell what all the hoopla is about! If you're as excited about this idea as we are, you can join our waiting list to be notified when Marigold Town launches. Or, if you have an idea in mind, you can apply to be an Early Adopter to be hosted in Marigold Town as a founding member, showcasing what Marigold Town is capable of.

We hope you'll join us on this journey as we build Marigold Town! If you have any questions or comments, send me a letter.

Residency Application

This form is for those interested in website hosting of a website, project, or webpage that fits within a small town theme.

Please note: Early Adopters have a deadline of October 7, 2023 to launch websites but can go live anytime before that date.

Need inspiration? If you don't have an idea yet, no pressure!


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